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Club History  (Written by Malcolm Young) Started in June of 1991 with 15 members - of which 10 are still members. Two of the original members said that we should start a club.  Because both were still working and didn't have the time they suggested that I should do it.  I tried to avoid doing it but my wifeTerry found out about the suggestion and she pushed me into calling and finding people. The first to mention it was Bob Crider.  The second was Jim Hines, I said to Jim where can we find these people?  He asked me if I was going to the V8 Club flea market at the Shirley Airport.  I said "yes".  Jim said to meet him there and he would find a lot of people to sign up.  I did sign them up and then made arrangements for our first get together in May of 1991.  In June we had our first meeting, elected officers and set up the dues. Due to Terry doing the pushing and being our first secretary and passing away before our first year was over we decided to start the Terry Young Award of Excellence. In November 1992 Mary Sheridan took over the job as editor of our newsletter.  She has done  fine job ever since - 24 years.  In April  1995 Frank Miller took over as treasurer and has also done a fine job for 20 years.                      Our oldest Newsletter I found in my collection is dated September 1991                                                  Officers were:                Malcolm Young - President        Bob Crider - Vice President              Steve Stepbhnos - Treasurer     Terry Young  - Secretary                                            Don Berry - Newsletter Editor 2017 Club Officers                      President:                       Vice President:      Ron Laconto Paul Mitchell      Paul O’Keefe                       Secretary: Treasurer:      Ed Sullivan         David Libbey Membership Secretary: Newsletter Editor:      Diane Shemeth                 Jim Hines Jr Technical Advisor:         Webmaster:      Open       Jim Hines Jr.   Past Presidents 1990’s 1991 Al Kennedy 1995Alden Schofield           Malcolm Young 1996  Bill Sheridan 1992  Bob Crider 1997  Frankie Miller III 1993  Mark Smith 1998  Joe Beland 1994  Mark Smith 1999  Deborah Sinkis 2000’s 2000  Don Pelley 2005  Frankie Miller III 2001  Rey Sansoucy 2006  John Carnazza 2002  Skip Twichell 2007  Jim Hines Sr. 2003  Mark Smith 2008  John Asplund 2004  Debbie Pelley   2009  Keith Costello 2010’s 2010 Jim Hines Jr. 2015 Jerry Hyson 2011 Don Pelley 2016 Debbie Pelley 2012 Harold Smith 2017 David Libbey 2013 Peter Hitchcock 2018 Ron Laconto/ 2014 David Libbey   Paul O’Keefe Terry Young Award of Excellence 1992 Malcolm Young 2000 Frank Miller 1993 Bob Crider 2001 Peter Shemeth 1994 Mary Sheridan 2002 Bill Lynch 1995 Bill Sheridan 2003 Dave Boulay 1996 Diane Shemeth 2004 Debbie Pelley 1997 Don Pelley 2005 Frankie Miller III 1998 Rey Sansoucy 2006 Ed Sullivan 1999 Deborah Sinkis        2007 Jim Hines Sr. 2008 John Carnazza 2009 Alden Schofield 2010 Keith Costello 2011 Mark Smith 2012 Mary Hines 2013 Bill Lynch 2014 Dave Libbey 2015 Karen Hyson
Worcester County Model A Club
In 1994, a committee was formed to select a winner for the award.  The committee consist of the past (3) year recipients.  The award is presented at the Annual Installation of Club Officers after the Holidays Holiday Party in January.